Rabbi Zehavi’s Message…

The month of Tishre with its many holidays is now behind us and the month of Heshvan has begun. The early rabbis called this month “bitter Heshvan” because it is the only Jewish month that doesn’t include some kind of holiday or commemoration. It’s the closest we have in our calendar to normal time, routine.

While holidays can be wonderful, there are certain opportunities that only “a return to normal” can provide. Most important is the chance to center, to return our energies to what is at the core of how we live. This is the perfect time to consider what is at the center of our Jewish lives.

In thinking about that question, I am forced to be a bit humble, because the answer is not the rabbi, nor any of the things that the rabbi does. The center of your Jewish life is you. As important as community is, the core of Jewish practice is in the home. As important as religious school is, parents are the most important teachers and role models for their children. And as important as prayer leadership is, no one stands between each of us and God, each of us and ourselves.

For many of us, that is a daunting thought, because Judaism seems to (and, in all honesty, does) contain an endless amount of information to learn. The experience of “not knowing enough” is shared by congregants, rabbis, and even teachers at rabbinical schools. We’re all in that boat together. So what do we do about it so that it doesn’t get in the way of us taking ownership of our Jewish lives?

In my experience, some of the most meaningful and transformative Jewish practices are among the most accessible. They revolve around the home and especially around Shabbat. My invitation to all of us is to start where we are and take a next step deeper.

If you don’t have a Shabbat practice (and by that I mean a way of expressing Shabbat, however simple or brief, that you do every week), lighting candles on Friday evening is a perfect way to get started. If you don’t know the blessing in Hebrew, say it in English or light without a blessing at all. It is amazing the way that simply lighting the candles each week at a set time makes a home feel Jewish and places a family in Jewish time.

On November 18, at Torathon, I will teach a class about making Shabbat. It won’t focus on the list of traditionally prohibited actions but on the positive content and experience that is intended to be at the heart of Shabbat. I invite any of you who are interested to consider attending. I also offer myself as a resource for anyone who would like support in exploring approachable ways to incorporate Jewish practices into home life. There are many small things we can do that yield big returns.

I wish all of us a grounding experience of routine and the opportunity to use the normal time to reach deeper into our lives.

In blessing,
Rabbi Zehavi

Shabbat Candle Lighting Times
Friday, Nov. 3 – 5:16pm
Friday, Nov. 10- 4:08pm
Friday, Nov. 17 – 4:01pm
Friday, Nov. 24 – 3:57pm

Service Times:
Fridays: 6:30pm
Saturdays: 9:30am
Thursdays: 7:15 Morning Minyan

November Birthdays: Adam Camerer

Veteran’s Service: Friday, November 10 at 6:30pm
CAA’s Annual Rummage Sale

Sunday, November 5
8:00am to 1:00pm

THANK YOU to everyone who has dropped off items for this year’s Rummage Sale.
Due to the huge amount of items donated, unfortunately,
we CANNOT accept any more donations.

Volunteers are still very much needed for set-up, day of sale, and break-down.
Thanks again to all who have donated, and don’t forget to come shopping on November 5!

for set-up the week of the Rummage Sale
for day of Sale
for breaking down during the last hour of the Sale and 2 days following

Please call RACHEL CARTER if you have any questions or are able to volunteer.

Adult Education Class
Entering the World of Jewish Prayer
Sundays (beginning October 30), 11am-12pm

Jewish prayer can be challenging, even for those immersed in it, in part because the liturgy is so ancient and intricate.

This class is an opportunity to:
Explore the richness and poetry of the traditional prayer book
Learn the history, structure, and logic behind the services
Delve into the theological and mystical notions embedded in Jewish liturgy
Study a wide spectrum of Jewish texts surrounding prayer and contemplation, including biblical, classical rabbinic, legal, mystical, and philosophic.

My intention is that this class gives greater access to services for those who have found them difficult to penetrate while allowing those with more experience to deepen their relationship with the liturgy and broaden their sense of what is possible in Jewish prayer. No prior knowledge or Hebrew proficiency is expected. We will all be able to learn together!

Please note: These classes are cancelled when religious school classes are cancelled.

Scholar in Residence Shabbat

This year’s Scholar in Residence Shabbat will be held November 17-18
when we welcome Rabbi Rick Sherwin from Orlando. Join us Friday night at a special time-6 pm for services followed by a pot luck dinner
when Rabbi Rick will teach. On Saturday he will speak again at a kiddush luncheon sponsored by the Tharler family following services.
Rabbi Rick has been kind enough to stay an extra day in order to teach the Hebrew School children on Sunday morning as well.

Torathon 2017: “Our Legacy of Jewish Values”
Saturday evening, November 18
Congregation Beth Israel – 15 Jamesbury Drive, Worcester

Join us November 18th for an annual event bringing together Jewish communities from around the region for havdalah, learning, music, and dancing! Rabbis, cantors, educators, and lay leaders from the area will offer 24 classes and workshops to choose from. Sessions to be led by Rabbi and Cantor Zehavi:

Entering the Psalmist’s Studio, Rabbi Yehoshua Zehavi and Cantor Ashira Zehavi, 8:00-8:50pm. Join Rabbi and Cantor Zehavi for an exploration of the underpinnings of traditional Jewish music and an examination of why musical expression of the Psalms has been such an enigma. Cantor Ashira Zehavi will share some of her original compositions for Kabbalat Shabbat with harp accompaniment and harmony.

Making vs. Keeping: Fashioning a Spiritual Sabbath, Rabbi Yehoshua Zehavi, 9:00-9:50pm
It is common to focus on the observance of Shabbat as a matter of abstaining from forbidden activities. But what are all of those prohibitions supposed to help us create? Focusing on the positive rituals, we will draw inspiration and guidance to help us fashion a Shabbat that is a centerpiece for our relationships with self, family, community, and God.
For a complete program and registration, visit jewishcentralmass.org/torathon.

Coming Together in Thanks: An Interfaith Community Gathering
November 19 – 3:30pm
Congregational Church of Christ
583 Main Street, Leominster

Join with members of religious communities from around the area for a pre-Thanksgiving interfaith gathering. The program will include music, readings, and personal reflections on thankfulness and appreciation. There will also be time set aside to enjoy refreshments, mingle, and deepen our relationships with our neighbors.

Please consider bringing a donation – we will collect canned and dry goods for local food pantries and diapers for WIC recipients.

“Donations in Honor Of”
Thank you to:
Carolyn Corliss wishing Miriam Linsky a speedy recovery
Barry and Ruthe Lew in honor of Abe Shirazi’s special birthday
Bob and Lynda Simmons wishing Glen Davis a speedy recovery
David and Sandy Tall in honor of Dottie Faberman’s twin grandchildren’s B’nai Mitzvah, the marriage of Mike and Lori Campbell, and a thank you to Rabbi Zehavi and welcome to CAA
Marc and Sharon Tieger thanking Rabbi Zehavi, Cantor Zehavi and Ellen Lawlor for meaningful High Holiday Services

“Donations In Memory Of”
Thank you to:
Barbara Abraham in memory of her grandmother, Ann Smith and her uncle, Leonard Bernhardt
David Braune in memory of his father-in-law, Sam Porter
Mary Britton in memory of her sister, Elsie Mancusa
Marilyn Feinberg in memory of her father, Paul Kane
Dan and Gail Joseph in memory of Stephen Shifrin
James Kahn in memory of his mother, Janet Kahn
Marc Levine in memory of Betty Levine, Stan Tharler and Marc Speiser
Roseanne Levine in memory of her father, David Kreiger, and her grandmother, Gertrude Kreiger
Miriam Linsky in memory of her uncle, Jack Gerber
Phyllis Parks in memory of her mother, Mae Zais, and her brother Harvey Zais
Arlene Rome in memory of her mother, Reva Goldberg
Martin and Bette Shapiro in memory of Alvan Tall
Bob and Lynda Simmons in memory of George Alves, Nancy Bigelow, Alvan Tall and Shanna Zide
Sheila Slarskey in memory of her parents, Louis and Ida Slarskey
David and Sandy Tall in memory of Marc Speiser
Muriel, Steven and Gary Tharler in memory of Stanley Tharler
Steve and Gary Tharler in memory of their grandfather, Sam Tharler
Sally Wallet in memory of her parents, Gladys and Samuel Zack
Steve Weedon in memory of his father, Arthur Weedon
Arthur Wein in memory of his father, Elliott Wein
Bob Zykofsky in memory of his mother, Sally Rottenberg


Thursday, Nov. 2: Morning Minyan 7:15am
Friday, Nov. 3: Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30pm
Saturday, Nov. 4: Shabbat Service 9:30am
Sunday, Nov. 5: Rummage Sale 8:00am – 1:00pm
Daylight Savings Time
Thursday, Nov. 9: Morning Minyan 7:15am
Friday, Nov. 10: Kabbalat & Veteran’s Service 6:30pm
Saturday, Nov. 11: Shabbat Service 9:30am
Monday, Nov. 13: Exec. Board 7:00pm; Board Meeting 7:30pm
Thursday, Nov. 16: Morning minyan 7:15am
Friday, Nov. 17: Kabbalat Shabbat & Scholar in Residence program 6:00pm
Saturday, Nov. 18: Shabbat Service & Scholar in Residence program 9:30am
Tot Shabbat 10:30am
Torathon 5:15pm at Congregation Beth Israel
Sunday, Nov. 19: Interfaith Service 3:30pm at Congregational Church of Christ
Tuesday, Nov. 21: No religious school
Wednesday, Nov. 22: Office closed
Thursday, Nov.23: Morning Minyan 8:00am – Thanksgiving
Friday, Nov. 24: Office closed
Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30pm
Saturday, Nov. 25: Shabbat Service 9:30am
Sunday, Nov. 26: No religious school, no adult education
Thursday, Nov. 30: Morning minyan 7:15am

“Yahrzeits for November 2017”

Nov. 1 – 3: Ida Fashing, Harry Glick, Greta Rittenburg, Ethel Weiskott, Flora Fergenson, Samuel Aronoff, Harry Katz, Ethel Miller, Goldie Rosenbloom, Sadie Smith, Lillian Wein

Nov. 4 – 10: Benjamin Bass, Dorothy Casper, Rose Glick, Helene Portnoy, Marjorie Rand, Simon Tonkin, Helen Herman, Clara Klein, Doris Schwartz, Henry Wolfson, Richard Davis, Louis Flaum, Gloria Krumholz, Simon Friedman

Nov. 11 – 17: Joseph C. Foster, Phil Ross, Joe Joseph, Harriet Sirota, David Zerinsky, Vilge Angelini, Ellen Black, Jacob Bloom, Morris Coplon, Louis Hard, Sarah Sarkin, Bertram Gaynor, Arthur Goldstein, Sana Gould, Maurice Messerman, Harry Nathanson, Sally Ross, Netty Weedon

Nov. 18 – 24: Sandi Braune, Zygmunt Gabel, Minnie Lazarowitz, Abe Levin, Julia Newmark, Arthur Rafer, Abraham Levine, Robert Schwartz, Jack Zonderman, Samuel Claman, Julius Miller, Frances Goldfarb, Jerry Boro, Marvin Charney, Mordecai Cohen, Irene Levine, Anne Grossman, Bettie Robinson, Charlotte Feingold

Nov. 25 – 30: Shirley Bloom, Freda Sandrof, AbramWeinstein, Eli Ebb, Rose Lipkind, Sarah Novick, Annie Horwitch, Morris Levine, James Poppel, F. Drury, Dora Jaffe, David Mankoff, Samuel Sandrof, Pinachas Tieger, Sadie Borowsky, Jean Freed, Meyer Green, Bertha Kerzner, Moses Kander
CELEBRATE A SIMCHA by purchasing a leaf – $300, or a stone – $1,500 on the Simcha Tree, or a page in the Golden Book for $150.

YAHRZEIT MEMORIAL PLAQUES will memorialize your loved ones forever. The cost of a plaque is $360. To order leaves or plaques, please contact the synagogue office.


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