Rabbi Zehavi’s Message…
The Christmas season is one in which many Jews in Christian countries feel a bit alienated from the world around them. Even though the decorations and music are frequently beautiful, they can be a painful reminder of the smallness and apparent insignificance of our presence. It can be difficult to be on the outside of something that brings togetherness and joy to so many of our neighbors, friends, and even relatives.

The reality in Israel is quite different, and that difference is felt in both time and space. In terms of time, the rhythms of the country largely follow the Hebrew calendar and Jewish holidays. Newspapers mark Shabbat candle lighting times. Television presenters wish the audience “Shabbat Shalom.” With regard to space, Jewish content fills the public sphere, whether the menorah that serves as the national emblem, the street signs that bear the names of Zionist leaders, rabbis and Hebrew poets, our simply the ubiquity of the Hebrew language. The cultural and religious identity of Israeli Jews is supported and reinforced by the way space and time are marked around them.

A significant challenge of living as a minority community in the diaspora is to constitute Jewish space and Jewish time (without the help of national institutions). I have touched on Jewish time in the past and will do so again in the future, so I would like to focus on Jewish space now.

Jewish communities in earlier times and in Israel today have created a wider variety of Jewish spaces than we tend to experience in North America. The home, neighborhood, synagogue, school, yeshivah, butcher, ritual bath, bakery, charity house, local council, and cultural institutions formed a spectrum of Jewish public and private spheres. For many of us, these were replaced by a single institution: the synagogue. There is no way that any one place can serve all of these roles well or support vibrant Jewish life on its own. At least one other important place to begin cultivating Jewish space is in the home. There are many ways to do this: filling the house with the smell of hallah on Fridays, placing a Jewish calendar on the fridge and referencing it regularly, decorating with Jewish art and ritual items, having and using a bookshelf with Jewish texts, and making a place for the Hebrew language in the home. Many of our most important practices happen in the home. Our homes can be places of Jewish music, food, prayer, ritual, and study.

I invite you to consider what would make your home a version of Jewish space that is in affinity with you personally and supportive of the kind of spiritual and cultural life that you would like to cultivate. It is my hope that this will strengthen our individual and collective Jewish lives. I also hope that it will help us to be less threatened by the cultures around us and better able to appreciate their celebrations and to share our own.

In blessing,
Rabbi Zehavi

Shabbat Candle Lighting Times
Friday, Jan. 5 – 4:08pm
Friday, Jan. 12 – 4:16pm
Friday, Jan. 19 – 4:24pm
Friday, Jan. 26 – 4:33pm

Service Times:
Fridays: 6:30pm
Saturdays: 9:30am
Thursdays: 7:15 Morning Minyan

Scott and Heidi Zibel are happy to invite the congregation to a Kiddush luncheon following services on January 6, when their daughter, Shayna Zibel will be called to the bimah as a Bat Mitzvah.

January Birthdays: Benjamin Shepard and Sarah Bateman

Do you have a Simcha, Birthday or Anniversary that you would like to celebrate with an Aliyah at Agudat Achim? Please contact the synagogue office.

Family Friday Night – 6:30pm – January 12
Join us for a song-filled and kid-friendly Kabbalat Shabbat service!
Ashira will lead us with guitar and piano. The service will take place in the sanctuary,
followed by a dairy potluck dinner in the social hall.

Tot Shabbat Service – 10:30am – January 13
Calling all 0-7 year-olds (and everyone else) for a playful Shabbat morning
program with songs, stories, snacks and “socializing”!

Musical Friday Night – 6:30pm – January 26
Come and experience a special Kabbalat Shabbat service, as Ashira leads us
in her beautiful melodies with harp and piano. The service will take place in the sanctuary,
followed by a dairy potluck dinner in the social hall.

“Donations in Honor Of”
Thank you to:
Tal Cohen and family in honor of Adam Camerer’s Bar Mitzvah
Carolyn Corliss in honor of Shirley Bolinsky’s birthday, and Cole Epstein’s recovery from his accident
Janice and Peter Greenberg for their generous donation to Agudat Achim
Bob and Carol Sarafconn in honor of Adam Camerer’s Bar Mitzvah
Laura Scolnick for her generous donation to Agudat Achim
Rick Sirvint in honor of his wife, Roberta Gordenstein’s birthday
Joseph Spound for his generous donation to Agudat Achim in honor of today’s members
Susan Sussman and David Ammerman for their generous donation to Agudat Achim
Frank and Rita Weisner for their donation to the High Holiday Appeal

Our sympathies and condolences are extended to:
Tal Cohen on the passing of his father, Amnon Cohen on December 18

“Donations In Memory Of”
Thank you to:
Joel Abraham in memory of his father, David Abraham
David Braune in memory of his friend, Wallace Weinbaum
Mary Britton in memory of her father-in-law, Abraham Britton
Carolyn Corliss in memory of her mother, Bertha Kniager
Johanna Dansky in memory of her father, Max Wolfe
Elliot Feinberg in memory of his father, Nathan Feinberg
Marilyn Feinberg in memory of her husband, Nathan Feinberg and her father-in-law, Sidney Feinberg
The Estate of Grace Feinberg for her donation to Agudat Achim in her memory
Jonathan Heimberg in memory of his mother, Adeline Heimberg and his sister, Roselyn Malin
Dan Joseph in memory of his father, Joe Joseph, and his friend Joseph Friedson
Jim and Shelley Kahn in memory of their daughter, Deborah Kahn
Shirley Levine in memory of her grandmother, Ida Dorfman
Miriam Linsky in memory of her aunt, Hilda Epstein
Allen and Barbara Rome in memory of Barbara’s father, Peter Solomon
Arlene Rome in memory of her father, Benjamin Goldberg
Sylvia Rome in memory of her father, Philip Witzky
Barry and Ruthe Lew in memory of Alvan Tall
Marc Tieger in memory of his grandfather, Pinachas Tieger
Barbara Markowitz and Robin Horwitch in memory of their grandmother, Annie Horwitch
Naomi Zack in memory of her parents, Gladys and Samuel Zach


Monday, Jan. 1: Office closed for New Year’s Day
Tuesday, Jan 2. No religious school – office closed
Thursday, Jan. 4: Morning Minyan 7:15am
Friday, Jan. 5: Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30pm
Saturday, Jan. 6: Shabbat Service 9:30am – Shayna Zibel’s Bat Mitzvah
Followed by a luncheon in Shayna’s honor
Monday, Jan. 8: Exec. Board 7:00pm; Board Meeting 7:30pm
Thursday, Jan. 11: Morning Minyan 7:15am
Friday, Jan. 12: Family Friday Night Service 6:30pm w/dairy potluck dinner
Saturday, Jan. 13: Shabbat Service 9:30am
Tot Shabbat Service 10:30am
Sunday, Jan. 14: No religious school – no adult education class
Monday, Jan. 15: Office closed for MLK Day
Thursday, Jan. 18: Morning Minyan 7:15am
Friday, Jan. 19: Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30pm
Saturday, Jan. 20: Shabbat Service 9:30am
Thursday, Jan. 25: Morning Minyan 8:30am
Friday, Jan. 26: Musical Friday Night Service 6:30pm w/dairy potluck dinner
Saturday, Jan. 27: Shabbat Service 9:30am
Sunday, Jan. 28: Tu B’shevat Seder

“Yahrzeits for January 2018”

Jan. 1 – 5: Louis Ensler, Sarah Braune, Margot Dreifuss, Barney Brodsky, Leo Dreifuss, Abram Lew, Lillian Penan, Natalie Rome, Cecil Schatz, Arthur Aronson, Max Bever

Jan. 6 – 12: Terry Davis, Lily Kubitsky, Joseph Meyerson, Minnie Hard, Bertha Rudnick, Helen Dietz, Beatrice Berkowitz, Nathan Grossman, Felix Heimberg, Jules Jaffe, Samuel Rosin, Gertrude Saperstein, Yetta Silverman, Lois Williams, Ann Chernoff, Liba Cohen, Elizabeth Forgelman, Jennie Tankel

Jan. 13 – 19: Eleanor Garber, Lillian Garston, Rose Medoff, Sylvia G. Rome, Diane Christy, Samuel Resnick, Samuel Silverstein, Eleanor Lustig, Fannie Charney Shuman, Jay Rome, Julia Weller, Max Levine, Sarah Pulda, Miriam Rosenberg, Helen Salny, Annie Cohen, Louis Jaffe, Sonia Lew, Anne Sacks, Henrietta Schear, Gussy Shack, Doris Braune, Mark Claman, Etta Jacobson, David Lubin, Dora Winthrop

Jan. 20 – 26: Morris Dubinsky, Rabbi Eric Lowenthal, Seymour Yalen, Harry Gerber, Louis Gutman, Elliott Linsky, Anita Messerman, Ida Witzky, Edward Fields, Anne Parnes, Samuel Poppel, Ida Shane, Abraham Friedman, Ida Lewis, Etta Dansky, Sol Flamholt, Rebecca Schechtman, Hyman Solomon, Irwin Casper, Morris Glick, Joseph Litsky, Albert Moak, Theodore Stern, Isadore Levine, Etta Porter, Martha Roth, Netty Sachs, Max Sandrof, Freda Selig

Jan. 27 – 31: Nathan Bass, Lawrence Hausman, Lester Kahn, Joseph Miller, Minnie Miller, Max Poppel, Evelyn Silberberg, Lewis Brodsky, Sadie Burnim, Laby Lowis, Rubin Sidlower, Lovick Frankel, Joseph Rome, Dora Wyse, Louis Bernhardt, Norman Feingold, Sophie Goldberg, Brenda Green, Edward Portnoy, Harry Sobel

CELEBRATE A SIMCHA by purchasing a leaf – $300, or a stone – $1,500 on the Simcha Tree, or a page in the Golden Book for $150.

YAHRZEIT MEMORIAL PLAQUES will memorialize your loved ones forever. The cost of a plaque is $360. To order leaves or plaques, please contact the synagogue office.


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