Rabbi Zehavi’s Message:


In Torah, we recently chanted the Song of the Sea, the poem of victory and celebration after the Children of Israel pass safely through the Red Sea, fleeing Pharaoh’s army and finally fully escaping their oppressors. It’s a moment that resonates throughout Jewish life, especially prayer. We read the whole poem every morning as preparation for the Shaharit service, which begins with Barekhu, the 
call to prayer. We also reference this event and quote lines from the poem every morning and evening before the ‘Amidah, that central prayer in which we imagine ourselves standing in the immediate presence of God. As I mentioned last Shabbat, it’s almost as if we’re only truly ready to speak to God once we’ve placed ourselves in the experience of our ancestors at the sea, that moment in which constriction, panic, and dread give way to expansion, celebration, relief, and gratitude.
It’s a lovely concurrence that the Song of the Sea is read so close to the date of Tu biShvat, the celebration of trees that opens the spring season in the Jewish calendar and the Land of Israel. 
Spring, the longest and most beautiful season in Israel, begins with the blooming of almond trees around the time of Tu biShvat. This is when the constriction of winter gives way to the expansiveness and new opportunity of spring.
That transition requires imagination, and not only for us, as we endure the remaining months of New England winter. We know that after crossing the Red Sea, the Children of Israel are heading in the direction of Mount Sinai to receive Torah. But it’s worth considering the fact that they might not know that. There is no indication in Torah that they’ve been informed of the itinerary, which might have something to do with their immediate complaining. Picture kids in the back of the car on a road trip without a set destination or planned breaks…It ain’t pretty!
The greatest gift that we have in navigating this journey could be imagination, the ability to conjure in our minds what hasn’t manifested yet, but might. With patience, tenacity, and a willingness to attune ourselves to the life’s little nudges, we might just be able to get an awareness of where we’re meant to go. Instead of a series of unanticipated breakdowns and windfalls, our experience of life could include more challenges that we anticipate and prepare for as well as blessings that we ready ourselves to receive. None of us can expect anything close to perfect foresight, but we can all cultivate sensitivity to the world around us and willingness to imagine possibilities before they unfold. We can all approach the future with the right combination of attentiveness, preparation, vision, and hope.
May we each be blessed with imagination and vision to guide us on the journeys ahead.
In blessing,
Rabbi Zehavi
Shabbat Candle Lighting Times  
Friday, Feb. 1 – 4:40pm 
Friday, Feb. 8 – 4:49pm
Friday, Feb. 15 – 4:58pm
Friday, Feb. 22 – 5:07pm
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Fridays: 6:00 pm
Saturdays: 9:30 am
Thursdays: 7:15 Morning Minyan
Happy Birthday to:
Ilan Cohen, Cameron DeFazio, Allison Feinberg, Elizabeth Feinberg, Pearl Kaija, Alexi Fishbone, Teah Arum, and Samuel Mendelson!
COMMITTEE MEETINGS: All are welcome to attend!
Rabbi Search Committee — Thursday, February 7, at 7:00pm
Security Committee — Sunday, February 10, at 10:00am
Worship Committee — Tuesday, February 19, at 7:00pm
Education Committee — Sunday, March 10, at 9:00am
Community Education Series:
Reading King David: Literary and Other Approaches to Biblical Narrative
              February 9th, immediately following Shabbat morning services
Tot Shabbat Service
February 2, 10:30am
Calling all 0-7 year olds for a playful Shabbat morning program with songs, stories, snacks, and socializing!
We are looking forward to welcoming scholar Dr. Rachel Adelman,
on April 5th and 6th  for our Scholar in Residence Shabbat.  Plans for the weekend include a pot-luck dinner on Friday night and a Kiddush luncheon following services on Saturday.
Congratulations to Carol Sarafconn and her fellow Audio Journal volunteers-their radio show “Speaking Volumes,” a book club for the visually impaired, is featured in this month’s Oprah Magazine! Read the article here.
Check out Audio Journal here: https://audiojournal.net/programming/
We have had some jewelry turned in to the office. If you have lost anything in the past few months, please contact the office! We would love to reunite you with your treasures.
In Appreciation of Congregation Agudat Achim:
HIAS sent us a letter thanking the congregation for the donations collected at the Interfaith Thanksgiving Event, held here at CAA. “All of us at HIAS know that we would not be able to fulfill our urgent mission without your support. We are grateful for your partnership and for your commitment to refugees.”
Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kidz sent us a letter extending their heartfelt thanks for the use of the Social Hall for their Holiday Mission. “Many of your synagogue members joined us in wrapping the gifts for the children and we greatly appreciated that…A special thanks to the Clements & Bateman families for their tremendous support! …It is because of caring people like you all that we are able to help the children in need in our community. We greatly appreciate your support in making the holidays bright for the children.”
We have worshippers who can’t find transportation to services!
Rafael is looking for transportation to Friday and Saturday services from Pleasant St in Fitchburg. If you are available to help out, please contact SJ in the office. Thank you!
Bess in Townsend has lost her rides to services–if anyone was able to help, even occasionally, she would appreciate it! She hopes to attend Friday and Saturday services. Please contact the office. Thank you!
Yahrzeits for February 2019”
Feb 1-2: Myer Cohen, Gussie Gruber, Sarah Jakubowitsch, Anna Mankoff, Irving Medoff, Sarah Winthrop
Feb 3-9: Annie Abraham, Rose Bernhardt, Sholom Braune, Robert Brodkin, Kathleen Coleman, Jacob Feigar, Gussie Fisher, Jacqueline Foster, Joseph Kline, Audrey Lappert, Sarah Levine, Judy Murray, Harry Penan, Sadie Schretter, Harry Schwartz, Isadore Shane, Fred Shuman, Harry Silverman, Larry Student, Naomi Zonderman
Feb 10-16: Ruth Burwick, Herman Casper, Jacob Cohen, Rose Cohen, Louis Dansky, Minnie Feingold, Jennie Foster, Samuel Foster, Hyman Friedman, Pauline Goldman, Anna Gordon, Elliot Kahn, Mack Kander, Moris Kowalsky, Slamothe Krevoruck, Joseph Ligorm, David Rosenzweig, June Shapiro, Louis Weinstein, Richard Zatkin
Feb 17-23: Golde Aranson, Reuben Aronofsky, Rosa Berger, Lillian Cohen, Ruth Cohen, Ester Ebb, Gussie Fay, Eli Feingold, Moses Fergenson, Ellie Ferriter, Tillie Geiger, Pauline Gotthelf, Anna Horwitch, Yetta Pearl Kowalsky, Hannah Levine, Samuel Levine, Rita Marcus, Chane Nowiski, Esther Perlstein, Barney Rosen, Paul Schack, William Schear, Lucille Tharler Schwartz, Harvey Silverman, Florence Sobel, Grete Spanier, Albert H. Williams, Mildred Wiadro, Nathan Wyse, Robert Zerinsky, Arthur Zonderman
Feb 24-28: Edward Argoff, Eli Epstein, Lillian Feldman, Phil Flaum, Haimon Garbose, Anna Goldstein, Samuel Heimberg, Manfred Levine, Boris Rosenbaum, Etta Segal, Mishael Selig, Barnett Shuman, Seymour Simmons, Evelyn Tieger, Lewis Wexler
Friday, February 1: Kabbalat Shabbat 6:00pm
Saturday, February 2: Shabbat service 9:30am
                                        Tot Shabbat 10:30am
Thursday, February 7: Morning Minyan 7:15am
                                       Rabbi Search Committee meeting 7:00pm
Friday, February 8: Kabbalat Shabbat 6:00pm
Saturday, February 9: Shabbat service 9:30am
                                      Reading King David: Literary and Other Approaches to Biblical Narrative  Directly following services
Monday, February 11: Exec Board meeting 7:00pm, Board Meeting 7:30pm
Thursday, February 14:  Morning Minyan 7:15am
Friday, February 15:   Kabbalat Shabbat 6:00pm 
Saturday, February 16:  Shabbat Service 9:30am
Sunday, February 17: No Religious School
Monday, February 18: Office Closed
Tuesday, February 19: No Religious School
                                        Worship Committee Meeting 7:00pm
Thursday, February 21: Morning Minyan 7:15am
Friday, February 22: Kabbalat Shabbat 6:00pm
Saturday, February 23: Shabbat service 9:30am
Thursday, February 28: Morning Minyan 7:15am


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