Rabbi Eichenholtz’s Message:


When I first started my rabbinic work, while I was still a student, my mother told me, when you get a lovely thank you card, or a good article make sure to save them.  This was strange because we aren’t really a saving type family when it comes to stuff; we don’t have albums and school projects saved in the basement or displayed in the living room and I don’t remember the refrigerator being adorned by my childhood artwork.  I certainly remember that she gave me this advice but it didn’t click until later when a mentor said:  “Keep those things, because some days will be hard and you’ll need to be reminded about why and how you do this work”.  Ahhhh, keep it not because of the past, keep it because it will help my future.  Now that’s advice I can take.

Fast forward a few years, and a few pulpits later and many great minds alike.  This sentiment is shared by artist Irene Helitzer.  She has created the Good Deeds, Ma’asim Tovim Jar, a place to collect those things that we have done to improve our lives, our community and the world around us.  I am grateful that she choose to share her art with me and I in turn get to share it with you.

So now you’re all thinking, look at the Rabbi’s vanity project, a jar on her desk, just to make her feel better.  Honestly it’s not a bad idea but that’s generally what the chocolate on the desk is for (help yourself).  This jar has a much more important purpose.

Its task is to help us build and build up our kehilah, our community.  Pirkei Avot teaches Mitzvah goreret mitzvah מִּצְוָה גּוֹרֶרֶת מִצְוָה one mitzvah leads to another.  Originally this text was about commandments, often Jewish ritual acts, but we also use mitzvah in our lives to talk about the good deeds that we do, the acts of living kindness from one to another, and to our world.  Philanthropist and author Danny Siegel used to make this distinction when pluralizing the word mitzvah. Mitzvot (Hebrew plural) are the commandments, these observances and practices that Pirkei Avot believes lead one into another, increasing Jewish religious living and leading ultimately the actor further away from transgression with every action. Mitzvahs (English plural) on the other had are those good deeds that we put into the world – lifting the actor and the recipient up.  Those deeds that create a ripple effect of positive impact leading one to another.

On my desk you will see this “good deeds” jar and a notepad that reads: Mitzvah goreret mitzvah מִּצְוָה גּוֹרֶרֶת מִצְוָה one mitzvah leads to another.  Have you done a mitzvah? Did you see a mitzvah? Write it down on and slip it into the jar.  On a regular basis we will share in our congregation the stories collected in the jar.  A reminder of all the amazing work we do, big and small, on a daily basis.  Through these stories we will get to know more about each other. We’ll hear from service goers here for Shabbat, and learners of all ages, religious school students and teachers, here during the week.  Cherished distance members will share the mitzvahs in your community, e-mail submissions are acceptable.  We’ll hear when someone is having a great day or was supported on a bad one.  The jar is for all our congregants, so we can lift ourselves up, improve our community and inspire each other’s actions.

May the mizvot and the mitzvahs we do lead to more of both.  May we all be blessed as we approach the new year with ma’asim tovim, good deeds, and acts of loving kindness.

–Rabbi Eichenholtz



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Scholar in Residence

We are pleased to announce that Rabbi Carol Glass will be our Scholar in Residence on Shabbat, November 8-9

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The Sentinel interviewed Rabbi Eichenholtz earlier this month.

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Yahrzeits for September 2019


     Sept 1-7:  Louis Bolinsky, Rose Chitoff, Joseph Crocker, Grace Feinberg, Gladys Hirsh Finkelstein, Joan Gottsegen, Mr. Bernard Korn, Julius Perlstein, Oscar Rome, Adele Zibel


      Sept 8-14  Max Alintuck, Harry Brodsky, Fannie Cohen, Jacob Austin Cohen, Herman Freed, Abraham Goldfarb, Pearl Hess, Philip Horwitch, Morris Kopelman, Gertrude Kreiger, A. Orin Leonard, Josephine Levin, Dorothy Ozer, Julia Rome, Hyman Sandrof, Charles Shapiro, Ruth Singer, Dorothy Susman, Mildred Zerinsky


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Thursday, September 12:  Morning Minyan 7:15am


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Thursday, September 19: Morning Minyan 7:15am


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Thursday, September 26: Morning Minyan 7:15am


Friday, September 27: Kabbalat Shabbat 6:00pm


Saturday, September 28:  Shabbat Service 9:30am


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                                                  Kever Avot 9:00am, Fitchburg Jewish Cemetery

                                                  Rosh haShannah 6:00pm


>> Monday, September 30:  Office Closed

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