Rabbi Eichenholtz’s Message:

We have just begun the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, favorite among clergy, and worship committees in synagogues worldwide.  Why? Because Cheshvan has no holidays.  There is absolutely nothing special about this month.  No extra services or events, no holiday meals to plan, or sukkot to build, or hanukkiot to light.  Just 29 regular days until next Rosh Hodesh (this year also Thanksgiving Day).  We are all taking this time to settle into our routines of fall.  For some in our community that’s moving back to winter homes, for others it’s school and extra-curriculars, this week the clocks will change, and we will shift our sleep but keep going each day after each other.

When we think about our Jewish memories, many times we default to big moments, a holiday meal, a lifecycle event.  Sitting next with multiple generations at the High Holidays, watching a family member stand under the chuppah, the first year we asked the four questions, the glow of the hanukkah candles 

reflected in our children’s eyes, the voice of a teenager at their bar/bat mitzvah.  Yet, so much of our lives is not those moments at all.  It’s the Cheshvans, the regular and the routine, the daily grind so to say. 

In this new year of 5780 what Jewish will you add to your routine? What CAA events will you add? We have heat and wifi, and hot beverages on request, stop by when you’re in the neighborhood even if it’s only to say hi.  Join us for a service, or a learning session, suggest an outing or a social program.  At the same time in this new year of 5780, what does CAA need to add to our routine? Programing, fundraising, communication, social justice, interfaith work, visits to congregants, activities in public.  Please let me, the office, and synagogue leadership know what you’d like to see here at the synagogue.  There are so many things that we put off until the moment is right.  Let’s all take advantage of Cheshvan to reinvigorate our routines.

–Rabbi Eichenholtz



Shabbat Candle Lighting Times   


Friday, Nov   1  –  5:19pm

Friday, Nov   8  –  4:10pm

Friday, Nov 15  –  4:04pm

                              Friday, Nov 22  –  3:58pm

                              Friday, Nov 29  –  3:55pm


Service Times:

Thursdays: 7:15 am Morning Minyan

Fridays: 6:00 pm

Saturdays: 9:30 am


Daylight Savings ends Sun, Nov 3

–set your clocks back before you go to bed on Saturday!


Veterans’ Service

Congregation Agudat Achim will be holding a Veterans’ Service on

Friday, November 8 at 6:00pm




Office will be closed:

–Mon, Nov 11 for Veteran’s Day

–Thurs & Fri Nov 28-29 for Thanksgiving



Board meeting: Mon, Nov 4, 7:30pm

Education Committee: Sun, Nov 10, 9:00am



We found a silver red travel mug around sukkah-building time (Oct 6th)—please contact the office if you are missing your mug!


Rabbi Office Hours:

Appointments available Sunday morning, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Please contact SJ in the office to schedule your appointment!




From the Ma’asim Tovim Jar:

“Carolyn made sure that Mim Linsky had rides to and from High Holiday Services.”


Join us for Community Learning!



November 8th  – 9th

(See the Scholar in Residence 2019 flyer for a full description.)  


The event begins Friday night with a potluck dinner following services.


Please remember food must be vegetarian, dairy or fish (but not shellfish). 

If you bring something warm, bring it in a container that can be placed directly on our warming trays. (Do not bring a crock pot that needs to be plugged in.) 

Please bring a small sign such as an index card listing all ingredients to assist those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

The synagogue kitchen will be locked during dinner and clean-up.  Your leftovers must be taken home or they will be thrown out.

(CAA’s Potluck guidelines are included at the end of this month’s bulletin)





What Are We Saying When We Pray?

Learning Series:

Sundays November 3rd and 17th at 10:00am


In this class, Rabbi Eichenholtz will lead us in navigating the prayers

from our weekly services.  We will gain greater comfort and familiarity with the service

as we explore the emotions and deeper meaning behind our prayers.

All are welcome—open to all experience levels!




Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level 1

Learning Series:

    Sundays November 10th and 24th at 10:00am


Join Rabbi Eichenholtz for a class in Level 1 Hebrew.     All welcome!




Interfaith Thanksgiving

An Interfaith Community Gathering

November 24, 4:00pm

Congregation Agudat Achim

Join with members of religious communities from around the area for a pre-Thanksgiving interfaith gathering. The program will include music, readings, and personal reflections on thankfulness. Refreshments and socializing to follow!


We hope you can join us in meeting new people and strengthening our neighborly ties!

We will be collecting goods for local shelters—details soon…





“Legendary Jews Who Inspire Us”

Saturday, November 16, 2019

5:15pm – 10:00pm

Congregation Beth Israel,

  15 Jamesbury Drive, Worcester


The 31st occasion of this annual event bringing together Jewish communities from around our region.

Event includes Havdalah, music and dancing with Ezekiel’s Wheels Klezmer Band, followed by your choice of hour-long classes and workshops from 7-10pm, with refreshments after.


Tickets Available:


or at Congregation Agudat Achim


Tickets are $20 in advance (before Nov 14) or $25 at the door

High School/College Students $5 (in advance) $10 at the door


Brochures available at CAA and in the MA Jewish Ledger


Rabbi Eichenholtz will be a featured teacher at this year’s Torathon!

Join her for her class “And the Winner Will Remain Nameless…”

an exploration of instances of unnamed and also female authorities in Rabbinic tradition.



November 23, 10:30am

Calling all 0-7 year olds for a playful Shabbat morning program with songs, stories, snacks, and socializing!


Thank you to everyone who helped us construct our community sukkah last month, and to Steve Levine and Eric Mendelson for providing sustenance for our labors.

Nice job, everyone!


Yahrzeits for November 2019


Nov 1-2:  Sidney Ansin, Irwin Cohn, Benjamin Flaum, David Kreiger, Sarah Richman, Ann Smith, Samuel Tharler, Max Ungar, Samuel Zack

Nov 3-9:  Joseph Argoff, Bernard “Bud” Berkowitz, Israel Britton, Irving Cohen, Anne Elkins, Myron Freeman, Belle Gabel, Reva Goldberg, Louis Jacobs, Marilyn Jaffe, Gert Katz, Irving Kalfus, Minnie Claman King, Morris Ligom, Howard Miller, Dora Poppel, Edith Rosin, Max Sarkin, Jack Smith, Jacob Spound, Esther Tall, Judith Tieger, Israel Jacob Weinstein, Elizabeth Woolf, Sidney Zerinsky

Nov 10-16: Samuel Aronoff, Benjamin Bass, Dorothy Casper, Richard Davis, Ida Fashing, Flora Fergenson, Louis Flaum, Simon Friedman, Harry Glick, Rose Glick, Helen Herman, Ethel Katcher, Harry Katz, Clara Klein, Gloria Krumholz, Ethel Miller, Lorraine Nodelman, Helene Portnoy, Marjorie Smith Rand, Greta Rittenburg, Goldie Rosenbloom, Doris Schwartz, Sadie Smith, Simon Tonkin, Lillian Wein, Ethel Weiskott, Henry Wolfson

Nov 17-23: Vilge Angelini, Ellen Black,  Jacob Bloom, Morris Coplon, Joseph C. Foster, Joe Joseph, Phil Ross, Harriet Sirota, David Zerinsky

Nov 24-30: Sandi Braune, Samuel Claman, Zygmunt Gabel, Bertram Gaynor, Arthur Goldstein, Sana Gould, Louis Hard, Minnie Lazarowitz, Abe Levin, Abraham Levine, Maurice Messerman, Julius Miller, Harry Nathanson, Julia Newmark, Arthur Rafer, Sally Ross, Sarah Sarkin, Robert Schwartz, Netty Weedon, Jack Zonderman






Friday, November 1:   Kabbalat Shabbat 6:00pm 


Saturday, November 2:  Shabbat Service 9:30am


>>Sunday, November 3:  Rummage Sale 8:00am – 1:00pm

                                                     Adult Continuing Education 10:00am

                                                  What Are We Saying When We Pray?


Monday, November 4:  Board Meeting 7:30pm


Thursday, November 7:  Morning Minyan 7:15am


>>Friday, November 8:  Kabbalat Shabbat 6:00pm

                                           Veterans’ Service

                                        Scholar in Residence Potluck following services


>>Saturday, November 9:  Shabbat Service 9:30am

                                              Scholar in Residence Luncheon following services


>>Sunday, November 10:  Education Committee 9:00am

                                                  Adult Continuing Education 10:00am

                                                  Hebrew Reading Crash Course series


>>Monday, November 11:  Office Closed for Veterans’ Day


Thursday, November 14: Morning Minyan 7:15am


Friday, November 15: Kabbalat Shabbat 6:00pm


>>Saturday, November 16:  Shabbat Service 9:30am

                                                  Xavier Cruz Bar Mitzvah

                                                  Luncheon to follow—all welcome!


>>Sunday, November 17:  Education Committee 9:00am

                                                  Adult Continuing Education 10:00am

                                                  What Are We Saying When We Pray? series


Thursday, November 21: Morning Minyan 7:15am


Friday, November 22: Kabbalat Shabbat 6:00pm


>>Saturday, November 23:  Shabbat Service 9:30am

                                           Tot Shabbat 10:30am


>>Sunday, November 24:  Adult Continuing Education 10:00am

                                                  Hebrew Reading Crash Course series


                                                  Interfaith Thanksgiving Event 4:00pm

                                                                            at Congregation Agudat Achim


>>Tuesday, November 26: No Religious School


>>Thursday, November 28: Office Closed for Thanksgiving

                                                  Morning Minyan 7:15am


>>Friday, November 29: Office Closed

                                            Kabbalat Shabbat 6:00pm


Saturday, November 30:  Shabbat Service 9:30am




Guidelines for Potluck Shabbat Dinners at Agudat Achim

We have enjoyed sharing potluck dinners in the social hall.  These guidelines allow us to do so while maintaining standards of kashrut and Shabbat.  Questions can be directed to Rabbi Eichenholtz.


  • All food is to be dairy or pareve., i.e., nothing should contain meat or meat products (no chicken broth, gelatin, etc.).  Eggs are fine. Many kinds of fish are also fine, but not  If you have any doubt about an ingredient, please check with Rabbi Eichenholtz first.


  • Disposable place settings will be provided. However, to reduce waste, you are encouraged to bring a dish and silverware from home and take it home to clean afterward. The kitchen will not be available to wash dishes.


  • Please bring with you a small sign or index card with a legible list of all ingredients to assist those with allergies or other dietary needs. 


  • Since Shabbat often starts before we arrive, food cannot be cooked nor heating elements plugged in when you set out your food.  The synagogue will set out warming trays on which you can place food to keep it warm.  Please bring any food to be served warm in a container that can be placed directly on a warming tray.


  • To maintain the higher standard of kashrut that has always applied to the synagogue kitchen, the kitchen will be closedduring potlucks and cleanup.  Please plan to pack any leftovers and to bring your serving dishes and utensils home unwashed.  If you find you need something that might be in the kitchen, please ask Rabbi Eichenholtz or a member of the Worship Committee (Rich Cohen, Bob Sarafconn, Marc Tieger, Scott Zibel) for assistance.

Thank you for following these guidelines so that we can both continue to enjoy these meals together and provide the community with a strictly kosher kitchen. The Worship Committee appreciates your respect and cooperation!


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