Dear Agudat Achim Religious School Families,


I am writing to inform you that after careful consideration and conversation between myself, Rabbi Eichenholtz, President Scott Zibel and School Committee Chair Steve Weedon, we have decided to suspend religious school this Sunday, March 15th, while we determine a plan moving forward.   Although there has not been a reported case of the Covid-19 (Corona) Virus in our community so far, we want to exemplify the values of our synagogue and the teachings of our Torah by exhibiting consideration, caring and duty towards the greater good. We feel that caution is an important position to take at the moment as we learn more about how to help stop the spread of this pandemic and to assist in being a part of the solution. 


What seems most important to me at this time is for us to be able to support each other and find creative ways to learn, share and care even if we cannot physically come together.  To this end, the rabbi, teachers and I will be exploring every opportunity for off-site education that we can provide to our students and families, and even opportunities for utilizing Jewish teachings to help us grapple with everything that is happening in our world.  As we determine educational plans to fit a new formula, I will keep you informed and welcome your thoughts, feelings and ideas. The rabbi, Scott, Steve and I will be in close contact, and I will email you again at the end of the weekend to share our thoughts about on and off-site learning over the next weeks, or even months if necessary. 


In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me if I can help you or your children in any way, and I know the rabbi and other synagogue board members feel the same way.  Agudat Achim continues to be a warm, inclusive community that puts the needs of its members first.  Please visit the website for news and updates, and to join the new synagogue facebook page being created very soon.  Shabbat Shalom!


B’shalom v’ahava,



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