Shabbat Shalom:

As we enter the final approach to Shabbat, I’ve been stuck between two decisions, to buy more chametz, like flour to make challah, or to keep cleaning out my cabinets as we get closer to Passover.  This week is a defrosting frozen challah week, we’ll see what next week brings.

After a week at home, I hope we all find ways to transition to Shabbat, a time of joy, rest, peace, relationships and reju(and rejew)venation.

We welcome in Shabbat with light and warmth (candles), joy and holiness (wine/grape juice), fullness and contentment (challah).  Traditionally, we sing prayers over these items to remind ourselves of the bigger picture, of God and of a chain of Judaism connecting all of us together.

Check out Bim Bam for videos (with words and Karaoke to sing along with the blessings).  There is even a bonus Havdalah to end Shabbat together.

Hopefully you have seen the link to download the Conservative movement’s siddurim, but just in case here it is again.

For attending services I will be listing a few synagogues using different technology, but if you are interested in exploring for yourself here is a list of over 150 congregations and growing. (if you don’t see all the lines, someone might have a filter set.  Look at the top row and deselect the filter)

Live Streaming: You’ll be able to see Rabbi Rachel Ain of Sutton Place Synagogue in NYC, but they won’t be able to see you. Scroll down until you see the Live Stream box and click there.

Zoom: You can join by phone or computer and participants can see (and maybe hear, depending on settings) each other.

Congregation Agudas Achim (at least the name will feel like home) large synagogue in Austin Texas. With Rabbis Neil Blumofe and Gail Swedroe

Malverne Jewish Center: Much smaller congregation on Long Island.  Rabbi Susan Elkodsi was a classmate of mine, I think they use Sim Shalom.

If you want to pray on your own and just need some help with the tunes check out

May we all find meaning this Shabbat that carries us into the next week.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Eve Eichenholtz


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