Good Morning!
First, the time critical:
Tova’s Catering Passover order deadline is TOMORROW, so please check out the Passover food info below:
Beth Eichenholtz, Rabbi Eichenholtz’ mom, has kindly researched Passover food options for us!
As of now, there are 2 options in obtaining Passover foods.
  1. Tova’s Catering        508-286-2242             
            Order deadline is Thursday, March 26.  via telephone
                See Passover menu at
  Minimum order  $200, families can combine orders to reach minimum and we will separate. 
When you order, please indicate that delivery will be to
Congregation Agudat Achim
268 Washington St,
Leominster, MA 01453 (then tell SJ at the office that you placed an order)
If you have  questions, call Tova’s directly at 508-286–2242
Tova’s will be delivering to synagogue on April 8th.
  1. Zayde’s Market          718-828-3530
Zayde’s will be taking orders for fresh meat, grocery items and prepared Passover foods. 
Passover menu is available on their website,
Order via telephone or fax, no later than Sunday, March 29th with delivery to
Congregation Agudat Achim
268 Washington St,
Leominster, MA 01453 (then tell SJ at the office that you placed an order)
Zayde’s Market will be delivering to synagogue on April 2nd.
*as of now, Zayde’s has shankbones.
In recognition of group ordering, delivery charges will be covered. 
If these times do not work for you, Tova’s delivery charge is $60, and Zayde’s charge is $90.
All events and services at the synagogue are cancelled until April 19th
Please everyone, stay home and stay safe. Please do not bring guests into your home to visit, and only go out for emergencies. Each person who does not go out is another chance to stop the spread of COVID-19 to another person.
~ Save lives, stay home! Let us know if you need help ~
SURVEY TIME!!!   Which of the below virtual meetups appeal to you?
(Ok, I didn’t program in an actual survey. Just call the office 978-534-6121 and tell me what would be fun for you)
To meet up over Zoom and/or Facebook Live
1)    Havdalah with the Rabbi after Shabbat on Saturday night (under 30 minutes)
2)    Pre-Shabbat check-in. Time suggestions for Friday welcome!
3)    Torah for Today – quick learning 10am Monday morning.
4)    Game time – Time and games TBD
Any other suggestions? Let us know! You can call or email the office any time. Even if we are not in the building, we are checking our phone, etc. Stay in touch, please!
Community in the Time of Cornonavirus: A new bulletin section
**In these times of physical distancing, please make sure the CAA community knows how we can be of service.  Contact the office or the Rabbi.**
Send us pictures, links to your video, emails or letters or phone calls describing your artwork, projects, new skills, poems, funny things your kids/partner/pet/animal outside your window is up to, etc -we will add it to our bulletin! (or you may share with our Facebook page)
Keep us all up to date on the happenings in your neck of the woods, or inspire us with fun new ideas. Thanks, guys, and stay sane J
Ed (our custodian) asked me to tell everyone that memorial lights are still being lit each week, even though the building is closed.
Friday, March 27
Candlelighting 6:47pm     
Saturday, March 28
Parashat Vayikra        **links to the readings, etc, to follow later this week
Friday, April 3
Candlelighting 6:55pm     
Saturday, April 4
Parashat Tzav                       
Reference info:
Check our website, Facebook, or your email later this week for:
  1. Rabbi Eichenholtz’ d’var Torah for this week (in video and text)
  2. Suggestions of Congregations who will be streaming services for you to participate in
  3. Siddurim available for download so you can follow along with the streamed services.    Lev Shalem is the new siddur that many congregations will be using in their videos.  
Reminder: If you feel unsafe at home, help is available.
Journey to Safety is 1-781-647-JFCS (5327) –a program of Jewish Family and Children Services – Boston.
National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233 –also available by text and internet chat on their website.  
Facebook group JewishLIVE has an important mission: “During this time of social distancing, jewishLIVE is curating the jewish you want and need, in one place.” Come see what they have found, or share your finds with them!


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