Rabbi Eichenholtz’s Message:


I feel like I should be blowing shofar in the morning. On one hand, I know that this is an absurd statement. We blow shofar each morning in the Hebrew month of Elul, the last month of the year, as we prepare for Rosh Hashanah. And no matter how strange this year has been, I’m still relatively aware that it is almost spring, not fall and we are preparing for Passover not Rosh Hashanah. But still there is this nagging feeling, the one that says something is happening and I should be preparing. I should be marking these days from Purim to Passover, this month of time. If we look at the calendar in the Torah, the month of Aviv, the month of freedom, the spring month is the first month of the year. We are approaching that beginning, and new beginnings need preparation. 


Traditionally, the time leading up to Passover is a time for very particular preparations, we become more conscious about our use of chametz (I even stop buying any, and just use up what’s in my house). We begin the process of cleaning out our homes, spring cleaning you may say. Any of us who love eating matzah, now is the time to take a break, have some challah or a bagel and give up matzah so on Passover it is once again a new experience. One halacha of the season is to be more careful about spreading chametz around your spaces, so that it’s easier to clean. While, I believe strongly that cleaning for Pesach should not drive us to exhaustion or frustration, there is something to be said for the consciousness of what we spread in our spaces. As a person who eats so infrequently in the kitchen that I don’t even have a kitchen table, I’m particularly aware of the spread of chametz, I have to check every room in my house, because someone has had food in practically every room of my house, and let’s be honest, the car as well. 


But, is all of this preparation really just about the food stuff in our houses; I can’t possibly think so, which brings me back to shofar and the new year. In Elul, we embark on a process of teshuva, taking stock, apologizing, trying to make our behavior in the new year reach higher than what we accomplished in the past year. Maybe in Adar, we need to look at the chametz we’ve spread in our lives. What are the unintentional or even unnoticed crumbs we have left behind? Is it a hurt feeling, or a pile of papers waiting to be filed, a task or tasks left undone? When we get to Passover will it be cleaned up, or will we seek to nullify it with a legal formulation, or will we sell it for a week and pick it up a week later once again a part of our lives?


A year ago we were rushing around adapting to a changing reality on a daily basis and trying to determine what seder and Passover were going to look like in a totally new world. This year we have time. What are you going to do in this month, between Purim and Passover to prepare? What chametz in your home and in your soul are you cleaning up? Let’s all make the most of this month, so we can make the most of our freedom at Passover.



–Rabbi Eichenholtz



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Torah Study and Cooking over Zoom
Fridays in March: 5th, 12th, and 19th
Parsha study at 10am, and Cooking immediately after, around 11am.
Pirkei Avot 3:17 says
” Where there is no bread, there is no Torah; where there is no Torah, there is no bread. “
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Congregant’s Corner
Welcome to our Congregant’s Corner feature! The purpose of these brief sketches is to highlight members of our Agudat Achim community so that we may all get to know each other a little better. If you’d like to suggest someone else to spotlight, please contact me at 603 899-2221 or gordensteinr@elms.edu. I appreciate your feedback.  –Roberta Gordenstein
Lisa Cohen is not Jewish, but when it comes to Congregation Agudat Achim, she is all in!
Her husband, Rich, is currently the President of the Temple. Their two daughters, Abigail and Cassandra, were converted, completed their Bat Mitzvoth and teach Sunday School.
Lisa has been the Chair of the Endowment Committee for several years. Her background as a CPA makes her the perfect person for the job. She owned her own consulting firm where she specialized in assisting business facing financial struggles. Lisa was also the CFO of many social service and not-for-profit entities. Thanks to Lisa, and the Endowment Committee, the Temple continues to draw monthly from the fund they manage to keep our synagogue functioning. Lisa stressed that people should consider making donations designated to the general fund of the endowment in order to preserve the congregation and its mission well into the future.
Lisa grew up in New Bedford, and she and Rich met through their cousins. Their first (blind, yes, blind) date took place at a school prom where Rich was a chaperone. It was love at first sight! When they decided to marry, they agreed they would both feel free to follow their own religious beliefs. Over the years Lisa learned Jewish customs and traditions and the family actively celebrates Shabbat, Passover, and other holidays in their home.
Lisa and Rich have always felt a strong connection to Agudat Achim. Rabbi Alpert and Meryl were very accepting and embraced them immediately. When the family suffered a terrible tragedy, the death of their infant son, Jacob, the congregation was very supportive and that continues to mean a lot to them.
Lisa is now the Vice President of Financial Reporting and Accounting Operations at Fallon Health. Rich is a Lunenburg High School teacher and an active General Contractor. When they aren’t working, the family travels, enjoys going to the theatre and trying new restaurants. Lisa and Abby are self-proclaimed “foodies” that love to prepare Portuguese and Jewish foods. In her down time, Lisa unwinds by playing golf or reading magazines with a large cup of coffee.



Yahrzeits for March 2021


Mar 1 – 6
Ruth Cohen, Morris Goodstein, Samuel Levine, Chane Nowiski, Nathan Wyse, Lillian Cohen, Moses Fergenson, Tillie Geiger, Grete Spanier, Lillian Feldman, Phil Flaum, Barnett Shuman, Evelyn Tieger, Toby Holzer, Manfred Levine, Murray Rosen, Donna Zatkin
Mar 7 – 13
Edward Argoff, Haimon Garbose, Anna Goldstein, Samuel Heimberg, Esther Rosengard, Seymour Simmons, Lewis Wexler, Eli Epstein, David Kniager, Etta Segal, Bonnie Bassuk, Lillian Elberger, Sophie Selvers, Sael Tater, Jacob Brodsky, Benjamin Cofman, Charles Krumholz, Hyman Linsky, Paul Nissenbaum, Morris Vigoda, Morris Bloch, Ethel Burns, Cecile Weisman, Harry Winthrop, Samuel Frumer, Barbara Kaufman, Fannie Tater, Nellie Winthrop
Mar 14 – 20
Morris Bernstein, Harry Burwick, Hyman Epstein, Morton Ingram, Barbara Mand, Saul Feldman, Maurice Penan, Florence Snegg, Lillian Chitoff Slovin, Barnet Fine, Miriam Grand, Robert C. Lubin, Laurel Cramer, Tamar Penan, Jeanette B. Yalen, Albert Brotheim, Samuel Feldman, Helen Tussman Mannion, Arthur Sisitsky
Mar 21 – 27
Julius Goldman, Daniel Christensen, Sylvia Glassberg, Lena Joseph, Delia Kalin, Eli Dansky, Lena Fergenson, Mabel Lubin, Lewis Shack, Abraham Freshman, Harold Novick, Rebecca Freshman, Gertrude Miller, Sidney Schwartz, Simon Bernstein, Deborah Cohen, Walter Dreifuss, Abraham Tussman, Terry Biskin, Howard Elliott Casper, Mary Zerinsky
Mar 28 – 31
Irving Benson, Murray Gardner, Ruth Gotthelf, Morris Tankel, Maurice Jones, Theodore Levine, Ruth Lowy, Dvora Miller, Joseph Rosengard






Thursday, Mar 4: Morning Minyan via Zoom 7:15am


Friday, Mar 5: Zoom Parsha Study 10:00am

Zoom Cooking Class following Parsha Study

Kabbalat Shabbat via Zoom 6:00pm


Saturday, Mar 6: Shabbat Services via Zoom 9:30am


>>Monday, Mar 8: Board meeting 7:30pm


Thursday, Mar 11: Morning Minyan via Zoom 8:30am


Friday, Mar 12: Zoom Parsha Study 10:00am

Zoom Cooking Class following Parsha Study

Kabbalat Shabbat via Zoom 6:00pm


Saturday, Mar 13: Shabbat Services via Zoom 9:30am


>>Sunday, Mar 14: Daylight Savings Begins: Set your clocks forward!


Thursday, Mar 18: Morning Minyan via Zoom 7:15am


Friday, Mar 19: Zoom Parsha Study 10:00am

Zoom Cooking Class following Parsha Study

Kabbalat Shabbat via Zoom 6:30pm* note new later time


Saturday, Mar 20: Shabbat Services via Zoom 9:30am


>>Thursday, Mar 25: Siyum Bechorot via Zoom 8:30am


Friday, Mar 26: No Parsha Study or Cooking Class

Kabbalat Shabbat via Zoom 6:30pm


>>Saturday, Mar 27: Shabbat Services via Zoom 9:30am

First Seder –let the office know if you would like to be matched with another family over Zoom!


>>Sunday, Mar 28: Zoom and in-person Passover Day 1 services

Community Zoom Seder experience, time TBD –details to follow!


 >>Monday, Mar 29: Office closed


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