Rabbi Eichenholtz’s Message:

Lag B’Omer is a turning point. Whether a moment or a transition, we suspend the

traditional solemness and mourning practices of the Omer period for a day of

celebration. Marked with weddings and haircuts, we take a collective sigh of relief. The

plague on Rabbi Akiva’s students is said to have lifted on Lag B’Omer and we can

certainly understand those feelings of sadness, fear, relief and jubilation all together. And

yet, Lag B’Omer isn’t the end of the Omer period and the next day the mourning rites

remain but in some communities others are lifted. It is a time of progression for the next

sixteen days as we prepare for Shavuot.

Shavuot when we will stand once again at Sinai, to receive the Torah with a mix of fear,

relief and jubilation. We, as the first generation of the Exodus and wilderness, commit to

this covenant with God. We stay up late into the night studying Torah, adorning our world

and ourselves with jewels of wisdom; we are awake and alive with anticipation. And

then….and then we join together the next morning for services as we read the Torah and

we stand as we did at Sinai, at the base of the mountain.

Shavuot is all about new beginnings, not only as a people, a new covenant with God, but

it is also the holiday of the first fruits, when we celebrate the abundance of the land and

the first of the harvests. Most of us aren’t bringing first fruits and offerings of vegetables

and grains to synagogue on Shavuot (our gardens are barely budding and no longer

frozen), but some of us are beginning to celebrate first visits, and hugs, vaccinations and

in-person activities.

And so this year, as we finish the counting of the omer, and buy and cook the diary,

noodle kugels, blintzes and cheesecake, we also look forward to the new

beginnings. What will we commit and recommit ourselves to. What covenants with God

and what covenants with others?

May the end of the Omer and Shavuot be a time of healing and rejoicing in our time as it

was in the time of Rabbi Akiva.


–Rabbi Eichenholtz




Candle LightingTimes


Friday, May 7 –  7:33pm

Friday, May 14 – 7:40pm

Friday, May 21 – 7:47pm

Friday, May 28 – 7:53pm


Service Times:

Thursday Morning Minyan: We will be holding morning minyan at 7:15am or 8:30am on alternating weeks (see below)

Friday Kabbalat Shabbat 6:30pm

Saturday Shabbat Service 9:30am        


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Thursday Morning Minyan Schedule:

May 6 — 8:30am

May 13 — 7:15am

May 20 — 8:30am

May 28 — 7:15am



In-Person Services:

CAA is offering in-person Saturday Shabbat services for our members.

If you would like to attend in-person, please fill out our online registration

form by Thursday each week. Masks and pregistration are required to

attend, regardless of vaccination status. More information about our in-person

policies available from SJ in the office. Thank you for helping keep us all safe!


If you do not have access to the internet to fill out the form, you may call SJ in the office at (978) 534-6121



If you need to make an appointment to speak to Rabbi Eichenholtz, please contact the office via phone or email to make an appointment. While the offices are closed to face-to-face meetings, Rabbi Eichenholtz is still available for consults over the phone.





Roberta Gordenstein

From the Ma’asim Tovim Jar:

This month our Ma’asim Tovim submission recognizes Roberta Gordenstein for her dedication in

spotlighting individual members of our community. Every month in her Congregant’s Corner article, she shares the story of one of our members, helping us to know each other better! Thank you.


We need your submissions to the Ma’asim Tovim jar!

Did you notice someone doing something awesome? Is there a community member who deserves

recognition for being great?

You may send in submissions anonymously on the postcards included in your High Holiday boxes or by using the “message us” link on our website.

Or you can just email or call SJ in the office! Thanks!


Committee Meetings:

Board Meeting: Mon, May 10, 7:30pm


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Monday, May 17

Tuesday, May 18

Monday, May 31



Community News

Health Insurance Open Enrollment is

extended until May 23, 2021

Visit https://www.mahealthconnector.org/ t

o sign up in Massachusetts

(www.healthcare.gov for other states)

You may want to check this link even if

you have insurance, as the pricing and

plans offered have changed this month,

and there may be new options available.


Don’t forget!

Tax Day was extended to May 15, which is coming up soon!



Reminder: If you feel unsafe at home, help is available.

Journey to Safety is 1-781-647-JFCS (5327) –a program of Jewish Family and Children

Services – Boston.

National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-7233 –also available by text and internet

chat on their website.



Mia Clements Bat Mitzvah

Saturday, May 8th at 9:30am

Alana and Nathaniel Clements are happy to invite the congregation to join their

family at services on May 8, when their daughter, Mia Clements, will be called to

the bimah as a Bat Mitzvah.


Torah Study and Cooking over Zoom

continues on Fridays in May!

Pirkei Avot 3:17 says

” Where there is no bread, there is no Torah; where there is no Torah,

there is no bread. “

Join Rabbis Eve Eichenholtz and Rabbi Aviva Fellman for Torah and

Cooking on Fridays.

Login to Congregation Beth Israel’s Zoom for Rabbi Fellman’s Parsha Study at 10:00am,

then log into CAA’s new community meeting room immediately following (around 11:00am)

to continue with Congregation Agudat Achim as Rabbi Eichenholtz shares how to cook some of

her favorite recipes!

You will need to log out of the Torah Study meeting and then log into the Cooking meeting if

you plan to attend both. Cooking will begin at approximately 11am, immediately after the Torah

Study concludes.



Sunday, May 16

Congregation Agudat Achim is excited to partner with Beth Israel on our “Triangle TIkkan” Shavuot program!

We will be sharing teaching sessions and more over Zoom throughout the evening on Sunday, May 16.

Watch for an email with the finalized times and topics as we approach Shavuot.

Rabbinical Assembly is holding a livestreamed Tikkun Leil Shavuot again this year

May 16, 12:00pm – May 17, 12:00pm

You may sign up here:



Or watch the stream on the Rabbinical Assembly’s YouTube page, here



Congregant’s Corner

Welcome to our Congregant’s Corner feature! The purpose of these brief sketches is to

highlight members of our Agudat Achim community so that we may all get to know each other a

little better. If you’d like to suggest someone else to spotlight, please contact me at 603 899-

2221 or gordensteinr@elms.edu. I appreciate your feedback. –Roberta Gordenstein

Dave Fashing grew up in Brooklyn in a rough neighborhood with many gangs. His

parents sent him to a Hebrew day school and later to the Crown Heights Yeshiva for high

school. It was there he got a solid education in Hebrew and Judaism which is very evident

when you listen to him daven in shul. While he was in high school, he met Izzy Zwerling who

became his mentor and coached him in boxing and taught him many important values which

have influenced him until now. Dave loves boxing and he even participates in a couple of

matches every year.

Dave came to the Leominster area in 1988 when he got a job at the Fernald State

School, at the time, the oldest residential facility for mentally challenged adults in the US. He

worked directly with residents and really enjoyed it. He started a theater group and produced a

number of movies with the staff and residents. He also organized sporting events, day trips and

all kinds of recreational activities. He was also a representative of the union, advocating for

workers’ benefits. Dave retired after 25 years when the state closed the facility.

He originally belonged to the Fitchburg synagogue and came to Agudat Achim when

that closed. He has been active at our shul, organizing a fund-raiser with a baseball theme

after the shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue. He’s also organized soccer and Australian

football events, and a chess tournament, which he won!

Dave has many interests. He often works out at a gym and loves to be outdoors,

hiking, camping or just enjoying wildlife. He plays chess often with friends at the local Barnes &

Noble, as well as rugby and cricket. He reads widely, on spiritual topics and philosophy, as well

as detective novels set in Brooklyn or in Las Vegas, dealing with organized crime. He

volunteers at local assisted living facilities, teaching chess or staging Shakespeare plays with

residents. He also advocates for better public transportation for the homeless. As you can see,

he is a very busy and involved person!



Yahrzeits for May 2021

May 1 – 8

David Charney, Nina Cohen, Saul Krevoruck, Jacob Margolin, Arnold Sharpe, Steven Williams,

Jacob Chatkis, Fannie Fay Rubin, Maurice Tonkin, Philip Salney, Morris Katz, Sara Schwartz,

Leon Sojcher, William Stone, Esther Orlov Student, Ida Wein, Pauline Bloom, Arthur Brodkin,

Harry Horwitch, Sarah Smith, Joseph Finkelstein, Alexander Jones, Thomas Eliot Kline, Cyril

Farb, Harry Leo Lipkind, David Lawrence Zomlefer, Beatrice Glickman, Regina Jerus, Herbert

Kahn, Lena Weinstein

May 9 – 15

Ruth Boverick, Hyman Cohen, John Coleman, Anna Gelfand, Dora Kopelman, Philip

Rubinstein, Annie Silverstein, Rebecca Candelmo, Alberta Feldman, Marie Flaherty, David

Press, Helen Kline, Elaine Gardner, William Cerier, Milton Resnick, Samuel Slome, Hyman


May 16 – 22

Ruth Schwartz, Joseph Silberberg, Sydney Levine, Abraham Scharmett, Randi Weizer,

Bernard Framowitz, Pepi Framowitz, Samuel Gelfand, Irwin F. Levine, Minnie Paretsky,

Abraham Ashkenas, Morris Nissenbaum, A.I. Rome, Isaac Rosenberg, Richard Schack, Laurel

Slotow, Leon Rome, Lester Rome, Ida Winthrop, Gertrude Schwartz

May 23 – 31

Irvin Chaplin, Ralph Epstein, Melvin Kahn, Ben Katz, Jacob Parnes, Jaqueline Rubin, Maxwell

Treewater, Lisa Buzanoski, Rose Ensler, Naomi Hirschfield, Benjamin Willner, Ruth Borofsky,

Rebecca Frankel, Harriet Spitaleri, Miriam Bernstein, Louis Forgelman, Samuel Grand,

Blanche Shapiro, Sadie Britton, George F. Joseph, Etta Rosen, Joshua David Kalin, Merrill

Garber, Lillian Kay




Saturday, May 1: Shabbat Services Zoom and in-person 9:30am (RSVP for in-person!)

Thursday, May 6: Morning Minyan via Zoom 8:30am

Friday, May 7: Zoom Parsha Study 10:00am

Zoom Cooking Class following Parsha Study

Kabbalat Shabbat via Zoom 6:30pm

>>Saturday, May 8: Mia Clements Bat Mitzvah & Shabbat Services Zoom & in-person 9:30am

(RSVP for in-person!)

>>Monday, May 10: Board meeting 7:30pm

Thursday, May 13: Morning Minyan via Zoom 7:15am (early time this week)

Friday, May 14: Zoom Parsha Study 10:00am

Zoom Cooking Class following Parsha Study

Kabbalat Shabbat via Zoom 6:30pm

Saturday, May 15: Shabbat Services Zoom and in-person 9:30am (RSVP for in-person!)

>>Sunday, May 16: Tikkun Leil Shavuot over Zoom 7:00pm

>>Monday, May 17: Shavuot Services 9:30am

Office Closed

>>Tuesday, May 18: Office Closed

Thursday, May 20: Morning Minyan via Zoom 8:30am

Friday, May 21: Kabbalat Shabbat via Zoom 6:30pm

Saturday, May 22: Shabbat Services Zoom and in-person 9:30am (RSVP for in-person!)

Thursday, May 27: Morning Minyan via Zoom 7:15am (early time this week)

Friday, May 28: Zoom Parsha Study 10:00am

Zoom Cooking Class following Parsha Study

Kabbalat Shabbat via Zoom 6:30pm

Saturday, May 29: Shabbat Services Zoom and in-person 9:30am (RSVP for in-person!)

>>Monday, May 31: Office Closed

**Services will remain available via phone and online. We will let you know when more services

become available in person. Thank you for your patience and adaptability!


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