Dear CAA Community:

Great news! We have our occupancy permit, lights are on and we will be holding both Shabbat morning services and Religious School on Sunday in the building (please note there is still no HEAT, dress accordingly otherwise shul will only be Rabbi and Dave Fisher). We are grateful for the tireless work of CAA President, Richard Cohen, Treasurer, David Fisher, our board members, Rabbi Eichenholtz, volunteers. and the CAA community working to get the building open. While we are excited to open the building, we have more work ahead. We are currently still unable to occupy our Sanctuary, social hall and kitchen, which are in so many ways anchors of our synagogue building. This is just a temporary solution and we know that considerable resources of time, money, and resilience will be needed to complete this project.

A note from Rabbi Eichenholtz: While I have certainly been accused personally and collectively as having so called “dual loyalties” I have never found my deep Zionism and love for Israel to in any way be at odds with my identity as an American Jew, and my lifelong commitment to my local Jewish community. And that is no less true in this moment even as I write this email. We are launching our official Congregation Agudat Achim Flood Recovery Campaign. This is our version of a GoFundMe and we ask everyone to share our campaign. While the goal may be daunting (you can see it on the right hand side bar, along with the donation form), we know that it is an important investment in our building not only for critical updates now, but also for its future use. Below you will find a list of incredible organizations and charities that are in or service Israel in her time of crisis. I know that we all have limited resources and with so much need it can feel overwhelming to give, there are no wrong choices only what feels right in our own hearts. As we learn in Torah we are asked to give gifts of the heart. I hope we all give as we are able in time, money and words of support.


If you need assistance or have questions, please contact

We are answering emails and voicemails as quickly as possible.

Rabbi Eichenholtz continues to be available by email or cell phone for pastoral and emergent needs. 


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