Congregation Agudat Achim

Board & Officers

The Board of Trustees and officers of Congregation Agudat Achim were elected at the Congregation’s annual meeting on June 4th, 2017.

President: Scott Zibel
1st Vice President: Richard Cohen
2nd Vice President: Rachel A.Carter
Secretary: Francine Farb
Treasurer: David Fisher

Members at large:
Lisa Bateman
Alana Clements
Nessa Cohen
Steve Levine
Eric Mendelson
Rebekah Stevens
Eric Mendelson

Members for life: *
Jerome Benson**
Alan Bernstein**
Glen Davis
David Fisher
Mark Goldstein
Michael Gotthelf
Milton Kline**
Barry Lew**
Bob Sarafconn
Carol Sarafconn
Judith Schatz**
Michael Schatz**

* Past presidents of the Congregation and others recognized for their long and valued service on the Board
** Non-resident

Synagogue Committees
Education Stephen Weedon
Endowment Fund Lisa Cohen (Chair), Rick Sirvint
House Steve Levine (Chair), Dave Fisher & Scott Zibel
Outreach Francine Farb
Chesed/Caring Carol Sarafconn
Worship Scott Zibel

Congregation Agudat Achim

The bylaws of Congregation Agudat Achim were last revised at the Congregation’s annual meeting in June, 2005.


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